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Video Transcript

Hello, it’s Matt Mandell here. Um, my goals are always and still removing waste, driving efficiency and optimizing your time. We’d like to go through today is just a goal tracking sheet as this kind of a hybrid of a couple of different goals tracking sheets that I’ve seen out there. So, um, we built this to meet our needs so we’re looking for his lifetime goals and this could be personal professional, um, family. Uh, it could be anything, but the goal is to understand what it is that you want. Lifetime then working back, going to three year and then essentially that should be supporting lifetime than one year and one quarter. The goal is to understand what are the results of looking to make this quarter that are going to end up driving the one year results, driving a three year results and driving the lifetime goal and toss the date up here.

Then essentially looking at a one year plan we’ve got is um, one year out. Then this quarter one, quarter two, quarter three. What’s got to happen in each of these quarters to accomplish that one year goal? Um, typically there should be something that moves through, but just by thinking through and memorializing what you want to accomplish that has significant value and a higher likelihood of making your goal. Just earlier today, I wrote up my week goals and uh, I was able to finish one I, my week goals this evening, uh, before even getting the week started, which is really cool. Then if we look at, um, these are a couple of things that I’ve, I’ve assumed you’ve taken from, strategic coach and I was actually adopted and think are great. So one is cleanups. What are the three messages need to be cleaned up to increase your confidence, delegations.

What are you essentially going to delegate or not do anymore? That could be anything personal from I’m not going to do laundry. I’m not going to clean my home. I’m not going to cook dinner. I’m all the way to, I no longer going to respond to customer service emails. I’m not going to talk to people and in x or y department because they don’t like it. There’s jumping in new capabilities. Um, Dan Sullivan of strategic coach talks about new capabilities and essentially hitting a ceiling of complexity. So how, what are the new capabilities you have to develop? And it could be, I don’t want to speak to x, y, z department and I’m going to hire someone to fill in. That goal could be that I need to learn a new language because we’re picking up people in a new country and as a result I want to be able to converse with them more efficiently.

Also non acceptables what are things that you aren’t going to accept anymore? It could be allowing people to show up late. Could be not having check ins, it could be any number of things. But what are you not going to accept anymore? Then essentially largest check. Um, this is understanding what is the what is your current largest check, um, that you have, which is the largest customer writes you a check of what size and then essentially a minimum check, which is, I’m not going to take customers below a certain threshold. So it could be that I don’t want to sell things. If you’re, if you were sandwiched shop, I don’t want to sell things that are sandwiches less than $5, $10, $15, whatever the number is. Um, it could be if you’re in consulting, I won’t take on projects that are lower than x or y number of dollars.

Then your dream check would be where do you want to be a longterm. And, uh, then again, who writes that dream check, which goes back to trying to simplify and trying to focus on who exactly you should be targeting. Then again, looking at a top 20 club, um, this could be either individual people, so it could be, you know, Sarah or Steve or Joe or Janey and what’s the best result from that person. And from that relationship then essentially going over, um, all the way down. I have for this sometimes roles because I’ve found that, um, because people change in roles, uh, it may be someone who could be a writer and the best result is having a writer who will take a video like this one and build it into a blog post. So it would be a writer, the best results would be five or 10 pieces of content per month developed into something that has value.

So again, uh, it doesn’t have to be an actual person’s name. It could be the role of a person. Um, quite honestly, I usually end up making it to between 10 and on a great month 15. But the main thing is who, what are the important relationships? Who is it was important to you moving forward and making sure that you’ve got that documented and memorialized because if it’s memorialized and written down. There’s a higher likelihood you’ll find that person and get that accomplished again, supporting the lifetime goals. Again, my name is Matt. I’m happy to help you if you get stuck anywhere because I love productivity and I love, again, removing waste, driving efficiency and optimizing time. Have a great day and a hope you’re successful. Feel free to download the document.

Questions? [email protected] (202) 528-2000