Retail is Changing: Local Companies Can’t Be Average Anymore

I remember that WalMart was supposed to be the ‘evil’ huge company that came into town and wiped everything off the map. Local companies seem to be hurting themselves recently.

This past weekend I went to purchase flowers. I went to a local nursery and spoke to a person trying to find a good flower for a shaded spot. After waiting for the first rep to finish on his phone (0:40 in time) he found me a second person who knew the perfect plant, apparently New Guinea Impatiens if you were wondering.

Since I was replacing 3 dead plants I purchased less than a month before, I asked, what’s the deal if something happens, do you stand behind them. After asking 3 other people I was told, if it dies in ‘like 7 days or less, we can probably replace it.’ He also added ‘there are much better ones coming tomorrow, I would wait.’

This response sort of surprised me, but ok, I did wait. In fact, I waited till I was at a national chain 2 days later for an unrelated product and bought the same thing for half the price from a company who will cover the plants for 90 days if something happens to them.

Local businesses need to know what they are good at. I wanted a local company who would guide me in the right direction and stand behind the product if something happened.

  • Person in Store:  GOOD for Local Co
  • Product Recommendation: GOOD for Local Co
  • Product in Stock: GOOD for Local Co
  • Telling Customer Not to Buy Today: BAD for Local Co
  • Not Standing Behind Product @ 2x the Price: BAD for Local Co


  • Guide people to the products that are perfect for them, the way virtually no websites can or do.
  • Find out why people come to you and what makes you special and hammer on that over and over.