Process Creation

When I first started my food delivery company, DCSnacks, I thought process and procedures because it’s what I hated. We were a company that didn’t treat our team like a number, we could never give people the demoralizing procedures. Fast forward 2 years and on a $7.65 order, an employee gave away a Stouffers Lasagna which cost me $3.75. That cost of the lasagna… without delivery costs, was more than the profit in the original order. I knew I need something.

The team told me that the same lack of process that I thought set people free made everyone else scared and worried since I was unpredictable and no one knew what do to. We built one process at a time and who would know those were the seeds of this program.

How long does it take to work?
You will notice things changing from the first week but massive change will be seen about 20 processes in which is usually the 2nd or 3rd month.

How do I know it’s working?
You won’t notice anything initially, then what will happen is, people won’t ask questions. Your phone won’t ring as much. Things will run without you.
When you are partially complete with our process you will realize no one needs you and you can focus on the important, the things that make the most money for your firm.

What’s the Worst Part?
There are 2 actually…
1. People won’t need you and that can be lonely, a high class but honest problem.
2. You have no excuse but to reach your goals.

How long does each process take to document?
Most processes take about 1-2 hours to document for our experienced staff.

What Training do your staff undergo?

Where do I keep the processes?

What does a sample process look like?