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Optimize Your Business & Life

to work automatically

by Leveraging new technologies, processes, optimizations and distributed teams.

We are in extraordinary times. We are in exponential times. We are in a time where the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots are a reality for every single entrepreneur, whether you like it or not. The smartest entrepreneur will win and the smartest entrepreneur is the one who knows how to integrate new technologies, processes, optimizations, distributed teams.

Do you want to be one of the smart entrepreneurs that benefits from riding the wave of opportunity that is coming to us now Like a tsunami or do you want to be one of the entrepreneurs are left behind?

if you don’t learn about process optimizations and integrating those optimizations, you’re going to be obsolete.


“It’s easy to become an Optimized Owner with Matt & his Team.”

Our Living Laboratories

We don’t just preach, we eat our own dog food.

The Optimized Owner program is a passion project for Matt and the team. We know what impact we can have and how life changing it can be. That’s why we are driven to do this.

We’ve invested over $1,000,000 and thousands of hours since 2005 testing these strategies. We’ve gone so far as spending over $100,000 to acquire a company to be our living lab.

Our primary business is operating payment and eCommerce companies. These companies are the living lab which allows us to test things in real life, eating our own dog food, before recommending strategies to any clients.


Scott Duke

CEO, Westland Group

“In less than 30 minutes Matt gave me easily $20,000 of value. Understands systemization, automation, worth the phone call.”


Mike DeMos

CEO, Victory 360

For over a year I have been struggling with consultants and spending way too much money on so called gurus and consultants. After a few quick calls with Matt and his team, he setup the perfect process for clients to send us projects.

The process saved us a ton of time and allowed our clients to engage us easily. Work and revenues increased, but staffing did not. He also worked with my IT consultant and made sure integration went flawlessly.

When something wasn’t working months later, Matt jumped same day and fixed the problem no charge. We have happier clients, happier staff, and I have a handle on all my projects, bottle neck gone!


Marisa Feil

Partner, FW Canada

Law Firm

Matt & his team have given me back hours a day helping me feel less anxious about all I have to accomplish each day, which is priceless.

I would have never been able to figure out by myself what needed my attention versus what I could let software, an amazing assistant or a service handle for me. 


Optimized Owner Services

Optimized Owner Total Takeover

This is our most intense program where Matt and his team take over your role and your business for a month and deliver back to you an optimized company as Matt would build it.

This is not inexpensive, and requires that you take a 2 week vacation without check in to your business.

Optimized Owner Consulting & Ops

In addition to consulting, we give you access to our operations team where we can take over processes that are slowing down your business and manage all the tiny tasks nipping at your heals each day. Focus on the revenue drivers, not the non strategic tasks.

Optimized Owner Consulting

Most people start here.

Imagine walking into your company, it’s 11a. You didn’t want to be in at 9. No one is running in to ask questions. You can stay as long or as short as you want. Everything is running without you. Your inbox is quieter than ever and sales are higher than ever.

That’s what happens after getting on the road to becoming an Optimized Owner.

The reason I have time to do consulting is because I implemented this in my own companies. Now it’s your turn.


Setup a time, or call direct to tell Matt what needs to be taken off your list.



‘We need to build your company to be predictable, sustainable, and transferable.

Chances are the value lies in your head, that’s a huge risk.’

Thoughts from Matt about The Optimized Owner

As a business owner, the greatest asset that you have is the company you work in every day. That business is there to provide value, typically that means money for your family, supporting your lifestyle, likely it’s a big part of your retirement plan and a source of great pride and self worth.

If you are like the overwhelming majority of businesses out there, there is a huge lack of efficiency in sales and operations. That waste turns into a lack of value and sale ability ie: low sale price, if a business is able to be sold at all. Companies that sell are businesses that are predictable, sustainable and transferable. Right now we’re at a tipping point where the vast majority of businesses are controlled by baby boomers. Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day right now.

In many cases that means you are going to be retiring soon. In order to retire and get the greatest value for your company that you have put decades into, we need to build your company to be predictable, sustainable, and transferable. Chances are the vast majority of processes, procedures and value lies in your head or on scraps of paper with the company being built around your strengths as a business owner.

The way to get the highest exit value is for someone else to be able to take over where you left off. This means, in order for someone else to continue, we need to get the information out of your head. What we will do is start the process.

We default to doing and action, not a listen to speakers and secretly be doing other work (I’ve been there done that).

We will optimize your email, get everything out of your head, and your business out of being dependent on you too. When you are dependent on a team and network around you that is completely transferable whether you want to take a 1 month vacation and never sell your company, or if you’re planning to sell your company this year.

This transferability will change the diligence of any buyer and allow them to get the most value from purchasing your company and therefore allow you to extract the most value from your biggest asset, your business.

Start with us now, let’s go through and fix this together so you can have the most amount of free time for your family, the most amount of money for the business that you’ve worked on, and ensure the retirement plan that you’ve been planning on actually comes to fruition.

Don’t be the business owner who can’t sell their company and is left closing the doors, firing staff and leaving nothing to your family.

What Are You Waiting For?

Things aren’t getting easier. Take the first step and take things off your to do list now.