This is a collection of links, tips and tools that we enjoy or use in our day to day life and how we use them, this is not a complete list, but we will continually update these as we encounter services and products worth sharing.


  • Gmail Mail Merge: When creating multiple tasks for VA’s or sending customized emails, this is a great simple mail merge tool with a great video explanation of how to setup. Purchase is only $30 for a single user paying for itself very quickly (if you need to send more than 50 in a day).
  • Get Duffel: Gmail Plugin that allows downloads of emails as a PDF, useful for archiving emails, sending itineraries for travel / making things you want to print look nice (Gmail does a horrible job of this).
  • Hassle Bot: This tool¬†will send an email at the interval (roughly) when you set it (ex: every 2 weeks). This can be great for reminders to call friends or family members, work out, play an instrument, have a date night.
  • Nudgemail / These are services that allow you to be reminded of an email later. What this means is you don’t need a to do list. Just copy [email protected] or [email protected] and the email will come back to you. I prefer Nudgemail, but they accomplish the same goal.
  • Blitzscaling Startup Videos featuring some of Silicon Valley’s top talent. A phenomenal insight into the minds of people shaping all of our lives.
  • Secure our web browsing, each day this seems less and less paranoid. Simple browser extensions that force SSL connections everywhere on the web. Add them to your browser now.


Updated: April 12, 2017