This is a page that covers some of the tools we discussed. This is built based on my memory of the presentation. I use a bunch of tools based on the need and am also largely tool agnostic, depending on the situation.

If I’ve missed what you want covered, reach out.

“Set your Top 3 most important priorities for the next business day before you leave each day.”

– Matt 

  • Find the over 40% of things that aren’t worth your time and start attacking.
  • Work Moving forward, not backwards.
  • Know the value of your time and what should be outsourced.
  • Question if something is necessary today.


  • Build the systems and processes so you are only doing the high value work. This is not easy but the highest value activity you can do today.

Managing Email

  • Set Rules

Glue tying all tools together:

  • Zapier / PieSync

Document Automation

  • Hazel (Mac Only)
  • Keyboard Maestro (Mac Only)
  • PDF Pen (OCR & PDF Editing)
  • Text Expander

Text Messages to PDF (Joe Transworld Recommendation)

  • E2PDF App

Want to solve this now?

Things aren’t getting easier. Take the next step and take things off your to do list now.

Video on How Business Brokers Can Automate NDA’s.

FYI, this transcript was done using Temi.com.

This is how a business broker can take 20-30 hours a week removing sending NDA’s and buyer intro information.

Hello coming to you from #IBBA 2019, the International Business Brokers Association Conference. What we have is a couple people who are talking about how to automate NDAs and automate the entire process. Just wanted to show you how I would approach that for Optimized Owner. What I would do is take the lead that’s coming in as an email and then parse that, email into the parts that we need.

Then use that information to autofill a pdf form and then that pdf can be sent out at the same time you can send out a voicemail to that person. We now have a phone call that has been put into their voicemail box as well as an NDA in their inbox that can be signed digitally and information already so they don’t have to enter data again. And then from there you can set a followup meeting and a follow up call a couple of days after.

By having that followup call, what’s going on and you know, what status and what needs to set up. You can also decision whether you want a business listing book to be sent out to the person or not. From there you can also set a reminder a couple of days out to make sure after the book has been sent out, what do they think about, which will give you feedback to be passed to your seller and get a lot of information out there.

If you’ve got any questions, take a look optimized owner.com and we’ll be happy to talk through this and help you set this up for yourself because it’ll save you a 20 to 30 hours a week, which is what most brokers have been spending most of their time on. Have a great day.