How To Automate your Business Processes To Save Time And Money With AI

Want to learn how to automate your business? 

Learn from Joe Apfelbaum and Matt Mandell, experts in technology and automation. You will learn the latest tools that you need to know about how to automate systems and processes in your business to make your company more efficient and save time and money. 

Takeaways For This Webinar

1. Double your productivity and efficiency in your business. 

2. Focus on what will actually move the needle. 

3. Replace staff that are making mistakes with AI

4. Remove headaches and repetitive work from your process. 

5. Simplify your business and boost your profits.

Watch the Webinar Replay


Joe Apfelbaum

CEO @Ajax Union

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert and certified Google trainer. Joe is the Author of his new book High Energy Secrets, How he lost 95 pounds and has more energy than ever. When he is not Mojovating entrepreneurs at events and on social media he chills in Brooklyn with his Wife and 5 kids.

Matt Mandell

CEO @Optimized Owner

Matt Mandell and his team @OptimizedOwner help entrepreneurs automate their businesses so they can focus on what’s most important. Matt also owns GAM Payments, FeeFighters, Condomania, and partners on other projects. Matt loves technology, photography and building things, including a steel string guitar. Matt has 1 wife, 2 kids and 1 dog all of whom live (with him) 23 miles outside of NYC.

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