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We are in extraordinary times. We are in exponential times. We are in a time where the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots are a reality for every single entrepreneur, whether you like it or not.

Sales & Lead Generation

Enjoy your vacation as you allow us to implement our sales machine methodology.

Efficiency Consulting

Need help understanding what medicine – not vitamin – is right for your business? Let’s talk.

Workflow and Process Creation

Need help understanding what medicine (not vitamin) is right for your business? Let’s talk.

Business automation is critical for scaling your company

What processes do we need to inspect to start optimizing your life and business?


For employees to reach potential in a typical company can take over a year. By delivering documentation that can be turned to quickly and easily, on boarding new team members is faster & easier. This is a huge increase in efficiency. Additionally automation that is implemented becomes simpler and more obvious to more team members.


Our process continues with helping you identify and then utilizing our team to build your process. By utilizing our team to handle the heavy lifting, you are able to quickly document your processes.Most companies have between 150 and 1000 processes that need to be built. A typical processes takes 2-3 hours to document and can be handled by our trained full time international team.

Implementation & Ongoing Support

Typical projects involve some level on ongoing support which can be provided as a monthly retainer or on an hourly basis but varies greatly based on your needs and the size of internal team.

What Areas Can Be Automated?

Some real use cases that can be Optimized.


Social Media

You or someone on your team schedules your posts by yourselves. You need to manage the schedule, payments, and approve creatives.


Your sales depend on your salesperson making calls, rushing to get customers every day. If he stops, your sales stop.

Customer Email Responses

You have a high volume of customers reaching you every day and it’s mess up your time throughout the day.


Automated Social Media

You record a video on your phone explaining what you want, send it to the cloud, your team will be notified and your post will be scheduled.

Automated Sales & Lead Generation

You implement digital marketing strategies that attract opportunities everyday.

Automated Email Flows

You leave the machine working for you, responding to customer emails by building contextual responses.

And many others!

We can help you Automating Management Tasks or with one of our programs, such as Total Takeover, Consulting, and Operations.

Book a call and we will make a diagnosis about your business.

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