About a week ago, I went to lunch with friends. We decided to try a restaurant that had recently opened. Each of us had noticed the expensive build out (I estimate about $500k – $1M) and wanted to try it. After entering the restaurant and waiting for seven minutes, the following exchange occurred:

Lacoste Clothing company is awful and has painful customer service. How to lose customers efficiently.

Understanding the total cost of your actions has been an obsession of mine of late. Perhaps this want to understand the total cost was brought on by my MBA. Perhaps it was by Strategic Coach, or by being a mentor at Founder Institute. Whatever the case, a shift has occured.

A friend called recently and recounted a deal that fell apart after four months of negotiation. The question posed to me was, “What lesson can I take from a deal gone bad?”

“I’m seeing lots of new services and lots of articles on graphing your inbox and such. Stuff about analytics. What’s the point?” This is the start of the journey. This is online email meeting FireFox’s add-on platform of years ago.

Perhaps I am behind the internet by a few weeks, but Chat Roulette has now entered my life. There is a certain amount of trepidation with which I approach this technology. When I approach a stranger in real life, there is an acknowledgment and a nonverbal communication that cannot be replicated online.

One of my main focuses and mindshare over the past few weeks has been working on an integrated marketing strategy. While moving around the tubes, I found the video below.

Having been in the internet works with over 100,000 transactions, I have found a big problem with online and accounting. No accounting system I have found integrates well with traditional computer accounting systems.

Matt Mandell, a successful entrepreneur who has built, operated and exited a few startups in my twenty and some change years. First blog post.

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