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Matthew Mandell | 12/07/2018

2 Minute Rule

A favorite GTD rule of mine is the 2-minute rule. The basic thought is if a task or activity can be completed in under two minutes, do it right away. Otherwise, store it somewhere or delegate it or do it another time.   How often have you opened the email and looked at it for […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/04/2018

Help Your Team… Take a Vacation

We do it all the time unconsciously, and sometimes not as unconsciously. It happens when the phone rings, when we get a text, encrypted message, email, things in the mail.   We’re conditioning people to act a certain way. Each time we respond in 2 minutes, we condition people to expect that response. Each time […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/03/2018

The Difficult Tax

There are the customers, friends, people we interact with where everything is seamless enjoyable and we walk away wanting more. This is not about those relationships. This is about the people who take energy from you. It is either Dan Sullivan or Verne Harnish who says that there are 2 types of activities, those that […]

Matthew Mandell | 11/26/2018

Planet Money Video: Why the Price of Coke Didn’t Change for 70 Years

Matthew Mandell | 11/30/2018

This is So Simple

When I was about 17 years old I had saved money working as a DJ. I wanted to reward myself with a nice guitar. My first Martin guitar, my first nice guitar at all, a d15 mahogany guitar, if memory serves, it was about $550 in 1998. I must have gone to Sam Ash and Guitar […]

Matthew Mandell | 11/29/2018

Creepy Data Usage

I recently had a Birthday. Along with that comes birthday cards from loved ones, a stream of facebook well wishes, cards, texts and even a few phone calls.   One of the emails I found especially creepy was from Quicken. When we were looking to move maybe 4 years ago, we spoke to Quicken Loans. […]

Matthew Mandell | 11/28/2018

Quit and Stay

The best people stay or quit. This is exemplified best by Derek Sivers Hell Yeah or No. Don’t be half into something. If you want to be in, go for it, but don’t quit on something and stay. This applies to everyday life and work. Skip the meeting where you aren’t needed. Ignore the email […]

Matthew Mandell | 11/22/2018

Cheaper Napkins

When people talk about software there’s a concept of total cost of ownership. This is the cost of the entire software; the implementation,  maintenance costs, staff time internally and training among other things that add up tot he real cost, not just the sticker price of software.  I feel the same way about napkins. To save cost, […]

Matthew Mandell | 11/23/2018

Happy Unsubscribe Day

Black Friday is when even the laziest marketers are sending out emails… this means there is no better time to see who’s email list you’re on and don’t want to be.  With a small amount of time today (if you want to be hyper efficient, ignore your inbox until the end of the day and […]

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