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Matthew Mandell | 12/19/2018

Time Boxing

A goldfish grows to the size of it’s tank.*   It’s been said over and over, the only scarce resource today is time. One of the most overlooked and underused tools is time boxing.   Time Boxing Time boxing is the art of providing a time in which you will work on or accomplish something. […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/20/2018

What’s Your Customers Goal

While i was still in school, I read Jeff & Bryan Eisenbergs book, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark. In it, they talk about WIIFM, your customers favorite radio station. This stands for What’s In It For Me. What is the problem that a customer can hand to you and you take care of it for […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/18/2018

Surprise & Delight Isn’t Expensive or Hard

There is a thought that each company should surprise and delight their customers. This means unexpected surprises, or benefits that occur at key points in the relationship.   This past weekend, I was at my mothers house and she asked for help assembling a piece of furniture. This is not an uncommon occurrence for me […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/14/2018

Stop Doing the Easy Stuff

It’s 9:58a and I’ve been at my desk for 90 mins with less to show for it than I’d like. I’ve been working, but not on things that are the top priority. I hired a new developer, helped a buyer of one of the companies out, sent a few reminders following up on sales tasks… […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/17/2018

Your Go Bag

For anyone who is a doomsday prepper, you’ve come to the wrong type of go bag article. Hours without wifi is more my idea of a disaster (unless I’m choosing to unplug). There are 2 bags that make all travel much easier and simpler to plan to travel. Toiletries Tech   Toiletries Go Bag: This […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/12/2018

Using Byproducts and Waste

I am one of the beautiful nerds, as Roman Mars puts it, who loves 99% Invisible. It’s a design podcast that has bee around for over 330 episodes. Great way to learn about random things when you want to be curious and the day has been to serious.   The most recent episode has me […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/10/2018

Doing a Real Test

In 2014 I purchased and subsequently owned an operated a jewelry manufacturing company. We had a few hundred customers, mostly gift and jewelry stores but one kept outselling all of the others by multiples. We couldn’t figure out why exactly…. then I visited the store and it became clear. They really tested the product and […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/06/2018

Value Check

When we first start out, it is amazing to say that you’ve hired your first employee, assistant, whatever. Over time, the noise goes away and we get accustomed to things as they are. After the recent sale of a business, I started to look at the team with a fresh set of eyes. Shame on […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/05/2018

Panna II: What are You Optimizing For?

There’s a restaurant in New York, one of many, that serves average to poor quality Indian food. By all rational and reasonable accounts, it should go out of business. But there’s this one thing different about this restaurant… it looks great on camera.     This is a restaurant not optimized for taste, but for […]

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