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Matthew Mandell | 01/08/2019

Shiny Happy People

Who are the people who just make you happy? I can think of a bunch of people who just thinking about them makes me smile. These are people on the professional and personal side. There is nothing they have to do and I will smile. Who are those people in your life and how can […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/11/2019

No it’s Not.

I have a young son who has started to respond to things that are clearly true with ‘no it’s not’ in a sassy shut down the conversation tone. While it might sometimes be cute with a child, it is not cute consistently with friends, family or team members. Perhaps it’s because this goes against my […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/07/2019

Better vs Not Done

Yesterday I was recording a video for one of my companies, I don’t consider myself lazy, but I was delaying doing it. There are always things that can be done to improve slides, maybe I need to buy a new mic, the software wasn’t perfect and I should really have a higher sample rate… right?   […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/04/2019

Behavioral Change

While in college, I worked at a summer camp over the summer in the program office. One of my jobs was making cookies for staff meetings, events and basically anything that anyone asked for cookies for. It was then that I was first introduced to Otis Spunkmeyer and the hair dryer powered oven that they […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/02/2019

Arbitrary Deadlines

Happy New Year! Now is as good of a time as any to make a change… of your committed to sticking to it. The same is true for April 1 or July 17. We all know that the reality is, all deadlines are arbitrary.   We often judge decisions after the fact. Don’t decide if […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/03/2019

Price or Terms… Pick One

There is often a want to name a price for something, assuming it comes with no tradeoff. There is always a tradeoff.  Similar to the cheap / fast / good blog post, we have to pick again. When we make an offer on a house, businesses or any purchase of consequence, which is more important, […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/28/2018

Can You Buy The Answer to the Problem

This is a question that didn’t come naturally to me. Instead it has come with a lot of time, pain, lost money and headaches.   When someone says, we should build this piece of software, critical to the business… is it cheaper to buy it? If there’s a want to grow, but you don’t have […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/26/2018

Radical Honesty

Ray Donovan is a Showtime show that has been off the air for a few years (it’s 2018 right now). In the 2nd or 3rd season, there is a character who espouses the virtues of radical honesty.  In short, it is not holding back and saying what you really feel. This holiday season, there are […]

Matthew Mandell | 12/21/2018

Who Wants Used Computers?

Currently I have a screaming new laptop, I get a new one about every 2-3 years because an improvement of seconds per task in speed means additional hours per week and weeks per year that would have gone lost to processing cycles. This isn’t always the case though.   When I started College Snacks which […]

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