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Matthew Mandell | 01/24/2019

Hiring Tests

How to handle people who don’t show up or show up late to interviews? This is the best candidate in my opinion, they are self selecting out. We embed tests numerous points in the interview.  (I do this with investing also). We embed requests like list all living things on a state flag. There are […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/23/2019

What the Contract Says

Say what you want about attorneys, they will often have you think through things you never considered and mitigate downside risk. Full Disclosure: I am currently married to an attorney and no warranties are expressed or implied by that statement, or any statements.   Earlier this week, a deal that we had signed in November […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/22/2019


Every once in a while, I wonder if people who are building product actually use their own products. How could someone have approved the 2 screen takeovers, one from the top and one from the bottom at the same time?   Granted, the metrics must be amazing because it is so hard to read the […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/21/2019

Serving Small Businesses

Yesterday I went to the NEAA show, it’s a regional industry show for the payments industry. One of the panels focused on small businesses. Based on estimates reported, their are either 24 Million or 30 Million entities (LLC’s / S Corp / C Corp) in the US that make less than $100,000 a year. Let’s […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/17/2019

Pit Stops Are OK

Yesterday I started the day very optimistic. By about lunch I was really down about a lack of response to a email creative that isn’t fully tested. Intellectually I know we are not done with the test and shouldn’t give up but I was annoyed. What did I do?  Went to buy another business. That […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/16/2019

Valuing a Negative Cash Flow Business

I purchase companies. Improving businesses, saving jobs and allowing people to reach their highest potential is one of my favorite things to do. This falls totally in line with what I can’t stand which is waste.   Since 2014 when my team and I started doing this more actively, I’ve looked at, considered and or […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/10/2019

Get it Right… Then Automate

Earlier this week I was speaking to a friend working on a new service offering for customers. It was a subscription plan with weekly checkin calls and as we were speaking, there was a want to automate. I love automation, it’s why I have a bunch of apps that can replace text and make things […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/09/2019

Write it Down

Get it . out of your head. No matter how small it may seem, if you don’t want to do it again, or you’re asking someone else to do it… write it down.   This became abundantly clear that I had gotten lazy with this as we are hiring new team members. All the things […]

Matthew Mandell | 01/15/2019

Vacation State of Mind

We are going on a family vacation in a few months and as part of the adventure, there is a checkin process.    For those of you who took extra Scantron bubble tests home, or of you just love government style tax forms, this is the thing for you.   As someone who is a […]

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